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MD to NP program

bigstock-Group-of-doctors-and-nurses-se-73016728New Career Pathway for International Medical Graduates to Provide Primary Care Services in Underserved Communities

Why train International Medical Graduates (IMGs) to become Nurse Practitioners (NPs)?
– Provider opportunity to address primary care shortages by establishing career path for highly educated and experienced individuals
– Improve socio-economic conditions of IMGs by accrediting them to practice medicine in the US
– Reduce employer recruiting costs
– Meet the demands of NYC’s immigrant and Spanish speaking residents
– Improve patient satisfaction by increasing the number of bilingual NPs with cultural awareness and competency.

Custom-made program for IMGs:
– Classes in the evenings and on weekends to allow full-time or part-time work
– Students will have the option of working with Essen during and after the program
– Financial Aid available from Lehman College for eligible students

How to apply:
Please email your Resume to stating your interest in MD – NP program.