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International Medical Graduates

bigstock-Doctors-4026118For an International Medical Graduate (IMG), obtaining a medical residency in the U.S. is as competitive as it is important. Some residency programs make it a pre-requisite for an applicant to have clinical experience in order to apply to their program. Having U.S clinical experience not only increases the number of residency programs that you can apply to, but also places you ahead of other applicants who do not have the experience.

Essen Medical Associates, P.C. is a comprehensive multi-specialty medical group with medical offices located throughout the Bronx. We offer care for patients in Nursing Homes and through House Calls. The EssenMed Clinical Clerkship Program strives to provide you, the budding clinician, with a valuable hands-on clinical experience, an opportunity to publish your research, and networking opportunities within the healthcare field.

We provide clerkship opportunities for IMGs.. You will be trained in our ElectronicHealth Record (EHR) system, knowing which gives you a competitive edge over otherinternational applicants who are not well acquainted with EHR.

Upon completion of the clerkship, students will be able to demonstrate competence in:

1. Electronic Health Record System

2. Diagnostic features of the major chronic diseases including clinical presentation, therapeutic approach, treatment and prognosis.

3. Pathophysiology and pathologic anatomy of the major diseases including Cardiovascular, Infectious, Autoimmune, Neurodegenerative and Developmental.

4. Patient communication skills with an emphasis on excellent bedsides manner