Essen HealthCare internship-
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How much does this program cost?
This is a voluntary clerkship. There are no fees to enter the program.

What type of Visa do i need to join this program?
Applicants who have a valid status in this country can apply to join the program

How long is this program?
Due to medical exams and residency matches every IMG that enrolled is able to choose a schedule that best accommodates their time with us.
Part time- 3 Days a week for 5-6 Months
Full time- 5 Days a week for 3 months

What to expect at the end of my internship :
– employment opportunities
– letter of recommendation
– United states Clinical experience
– research and publication opportunities
– networking

How can i apply?
Call 929 239 4160
Email your resume at
Fill the Application form on this website by clicking here.